Prawn Song

by The Ragnarockers

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Care-Lucky and Go-Free, or perhaps th'other way 'round...

Independently created and released, please enjoy responsibly!


Scrapin’ and a scrappin’, I was struttin’ and a strapin’
All in my neighbors lawn
Just try an’ think it thru, wonder what I’m gonna do
With 40 pounds of stolen prawn
And that’s when I met her, but I bet I upset her
Cause I sent’er streakin’ thru the dawn
But how the dew looks fine on you
And it makes for a damn good song

So come on everybody, Help me sing along
Let’s all watch the pretty woman dance
And drink until the dawn//Hold out till the dawn

Chasin’ and a racin’ all over creation
Cause I finally thought I found “The One”
Stoppin’ and a floppin’ my mouth went droppin’
When I saw her lyin’ naked in the sun
Twistin’ and a turnin’ my heart starts burnin’
And its Days before were done
Too bad she’s yappy an’ a little slap-happy
'Cause that body was a whole lotta fun

It’s all Ok, anyway ya slice it
[But don’t] think to hard it {don’t make much sense}
It’s all Ok, come on dance the night away
[But if ya] hold on too tight it’ll {slip thru your hands}
{Like so many grains of sand}


released December 6, 2016
Bass Guitar: Trevor Pietsch
Drums: Carter Thompson
Horns: Dave Boudouris
Treble Guitar/Vox+MIDI: Phil West

Words and Music by: Philip Westenberger, Trevor Pietsch, Carter Thompson & Dave Boudouris

Mixed and Mastered at Aardvarks Inc.

Photo by The Ragnarockers



all rights reserved


The Ragnarockers Charlottesville, Virginia

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